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All our Trail Rides at Silver Spur are guided by experienced trail guide riders. You will enjoy the scenery and the safety our guides will offer. Everyone, from beginners to experienced riders will be fully accommodated by our friendly staff.

Trails are one hour long and are limited to a maximum of five persons. Children ten years or older may ride the trails. Helmets are mandatory for everyone eighteen years or younger, and are provided for all.

Shoes or boots with small heels are recommended. No sandals or flats allowed.

Reservations are recommended during our busy season. (One day's notice is sufficient

One Hour Trail Rides      $45.00 per person (Included GST)
Ten Minute Pony Rides     $10.00 per child (Included GST)

We also offer half-hour corral rides for children who are too old for the ponies and a little too young for our trails.

Half-Hour Corral Rides   $30.00 per person (GST Included)
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